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Helping Individuals Aged 5 Years Old and Above Deal With Mental Health Issues

Treating Mental Health Illnesses Through a Holistic Approach


Vincent A. Izediuno, MD, MRCPsych, Adult Psychiatrist​

Any mental health issue, no matter how serious you think it is, can affect your life, routine, and relationships. Don’t let it hinder you from living a happy and full life. At Izzy Health PLLC in Greensboro, North Carolina, I offer a warm environment to help you cope with your struggles effectively, so you can have a better and brighter future ahead of you.

I’m board certified psychiatrist with over two decades of experience. If you are looking for personalized psychiatric care, my practice would deliver it in a competent and compassionate manner.


Mission Statement

My model is understanding the core psychopathology. My goal is to treat in a holistic way that provides enduring symptoms relief and improved functioning.

About Me

Medical School: University of Ibadan M.B.B.S 1991​

Residency: Dublin University Psychiatry Rotational Training Program 2008

Residency: Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH (Metrohealth Program) 2013

My philosophy is to approach treatment from a biopsychosocial perspective. I incorporate my patient's unique genetic makeup, unique medical issues and their day to day challenges into a personalized care plan.

I have a very diversified training. I initially trained in family practice and worked in that field for years. I developed special interest in patients with mental illness. I went into residency in Republic of Ireland and completed four years training in psychiatry. I was affiliated with Dublin University Psychiatry Rotational Training Program.

My training entailed rotating through five of the major teaching hospitals. I was admitted into the Royal College of Psychiatrist London (UK) after satisfying their academic and clinical demands.

I completed another four years residency program when I moved into the US. I excelled during my residency at Case Western Reserve University Metrohealth program. I am certified by American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

My training exposed me to care at various clinical settings. I worked at various inpatient units in Ireland. I worked in specialized units like eating disorder unit, intellectual disability units. I provided community psychiatry care in outpatient setting. I worked at a drug treatment center.

After my residency in the US, I worked at the state hospital in Ohio for three years. I was assigned to the acute unit which served as a referral center for most severely ill patients. I was involved in bedside teachings for medical students who rotated in the hospital. I maintained a rotation at one of the busiest emergency room in inner city Cleveland.

I managed patients there for over five years. I supervised residents who rotates through the emergency room. In North Carolina, I have worked with ACTT which is the highest level of care in the community. I currently provide inpatient care at Forsyth Medical Center Winston Salem and Cone Behavioral Healthcare Greensboro. 

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Izzy Health PLLC

Phone: 336-549-8334Fax: 336-860-1981


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